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Get a glimpse into the flipped model of learning

The Need

CBSE has been introducing sweeping changes in school curriculum and assessment pattern, moving towards preparing students for higher degree of problem solving, analytical thinking, and application-oriented skills. Dealing with this requires a change in the mindset of students, teachers and parents to approach learning from a radically new perspective. Flipped Learning is a response to this change. R.N Podar is the first school in the country to pilot and adopt the flipped method of learning in the classroom.

The Outcome

A Flipped Classroom allows learning to be self-directed, self-paced, personalized, and customized. It enhances the classroom experience to bring in higher order learning skills and a spirit of enquiry. The school has been using variations of this model in all grades and subjects, and the results have been exciting. This project is being executed in partnership with Phyzok Learning Solutions LLP.


Career Services

R.N. Podar’s Career Guidance Cell (CGC) is a dedicated support centre to help students cope with the pressures of the highly demanding world of higher studies. The counselors aid students not only in knowing about and choosing from the varied career options, but also in meeting the various deadlines and eligibility criteria, and preparing their applications.

The CGC routinely conducts need-based student and parent orientation programs on the various streams and career options for classes X, XI, and XII. Regular seminars are organized with Indian and offshore varsities wherein students are informed of and aided in the admission process. The rnpsmentor site also provides timely alerts for competitive exam dates and submission deadlines. The CGC of R.N. Podar is the official guidance center for students from all boards seeking assistance regarding the online process for admission to junior colleges. The cell is also a designated center for providing guidance to All India Exams – AIPMT/JEE MAINS.

Click here to contact the career counsellors. Download the extensive HT Campus Calling Career Guide co-created by our counsellors.


Father-son shake a leg to compete for the title of Podar Stars

We communicate with parents regularly through emails, class websites, circulars, notes, events, and interactions, both formal and informal. Our felt needs and ideas have given rise to several engaging events.


Every year we organize an orientation session for parents at the beginning of the academic year, to prepare them for the year ahead and resolve queries, and several others on a needs-basis, such as before grade 10 and 12 exams.


We organize parent workshops by professional facilitators and counsellors on topics such as learning to deal with stress and helping the child cope with hers, communicating and relating to the child, and so on. These workshops have been met with very good response from parents on whose request we have instituted these on an on-going basis.

Family Day/Podar Stars

The Primary section of the school, apart from organizing various internal competitions, also invites parents to be a part of competitions such as dance and cooking along with their young children. This creates a fun-filled opportunity for family-bonding. Parents and students alike have enjoyed and appreciated these events whole-heartedly.


Unique Distinctions

  • Consistently outstanding academic results in Class X and XII with state as well as country toppers
  • Recognized as a centre of excellence by CBSE
  • First school in the country to implement the flipped model of blended learning
  • Case study by Google for Education regarding the usage of technology within the School. Read more here.
  • Case Study by IIM-A done on the Resource Centre at the school


Recent Recognition

  • Recognized as a ‘Microsoft Innovative School’, one among select schools globally
  • ‘Outstanding School’ Award, Western Zone, at the 8th Indy’s Awards for Excellence
  • Hindustan Times ‘Best Schools in the City’ award for the Western Zone
  • Chosen as one of the Ashoka ‘Changemaker Schools’, an initiative that recognizes the need for a new way of learning


Principal’s Achievements

  • Awarded the National Award for Teachers by the President of India
  • Awarded the FICCI FLO Outstanding Woman Achiever Award, 2014
  • Awarded an NTU award for inspirational teaching
  • Awarded the EQFI Award for quality education
  • Member, Governing Body, CBSE
  • Member, Global Education Leaders Program (GELP)

Read a letter from the CBSE director here. or visite our website partners prestamos365
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Mario Super Sluggers

Mario Super Sluggers is the Wii installment follow-up to the 2005 Nintendo GameCube game Mario Super star Baseball and is the 2nd game in the Mario Baseball collection. This game borrows lots of aspects from the previous video game, however it also includes new aspects also, including a variety of gameplay controls, such as making use of the motion sensor controls that the Wii Remote gives. The video game likewise has a much more comprehensive and also a lot more narrative-driven Obstacle Setting, where, rather than only challenging against a Team Captain and a team of opponents, gamers interact with even more personalities, including a selection of different sub-characters, and play numerous tiny obstacles to hire them for their group. Up to 4 players can play this title, as well as a new feature is that players can select which of both team sides to be on.

It was released in Japan as well as the Americas in 2008. The video game was never ever released in Europe as well as Australia, even after the Wii Nintendo Chooses re-release, as well as is the only Mario-related Wii video game to never ever be launched in Europe and/or Australia in physical kind. The game was re-released on the Wii U eShop in the Americas on March 31, 2016, and also in Japan on August 17, 2016.


Mario Super Sluggers can be played making use of 3 different control methods:

  • Wii Remote (upright).
  • Wii Remote (horizontal).
  • Wii Remote + Nunchuk controller.

Before a video game begins, a roulette will certainly begin in order to show which team will be batting first. This is different from the previous game, in which the player might choose which team would be batting first.

Thinking that players are making use of the Wii Remote (upright) or the Wii Remote/Nunchuk mix, in order to bat or pitch, gamers have to hold the A Switch switch and the Wii Remote must be swung at the appropriate time. The more accurate the hit/pitch, the further/faster the ball will go. To charge up a pitch or swing, gamers must draw the Wii Remote back. They can also do captain hook too by turning the Wii Remote, while pitching. When the ball is in a fielder's hand, the Wii Remote have to be turned so that the fielder can pitch the sphere at one of the basemen.

In the outfield, players can develop unique moves if there is chemistry in between outfielders:.

One outfielder deals with the ball as well as the ball rolls towards the outfielder with chemistry. The outfielder that holds the sphere can then throw a really fast ball in the direction of a base from the outfield.
When a possible crowning achievement is struck, gamers can start a Pal Dive. Upon leaping around one more outfielder's head as well as pushing A Button twice, among the gamers will leap extremely high to catch home run spheres. This need to be performed with accurate timing.
Super star Matchups return; nevertheless, it is established for captains just as well as occurs when the team captain is not batting initial and when one jogger is on 2nd or 3rd and also 2 or all three joggers on base (just when the runs surpass to 4 or more on the scoreboard). This also applies to RBI chance displays. If you want to play this game on your device, go to our website https://freeromsdownload.com/roms/nintendo-wii/mario-super-sluggers-usa and download for free


There are a total amount of 9 arenas (leaving out Toy Area) in all. Every Team Captain (excluding Waluigi, Birdo, and Diddy Kong) has a stadium which is based on his or her personality's unique character. Most of the nine arenas can be played in daytime or nighttime. Mario Arena is the just one not to include any tricks in the field, making for one of the most realistic baseball experience. The Bowser Jr. Game room is only available throughout the day, while Luigi's Manor and Bowser Castle can only be accessed at night.

Playable personalities

Every one of the personalities from the Mario Superstar Baseball game make a return appearance in Mario Super Sluggers. In addition for this video game, there are new individuals as well. It is currently possible to put greater than one of the exact same personality on the group in Event Setting, as long as they are different shades. Nonetheless, it is no longer feasible to select which hand that the personalities will certainly bat and pitch with; for example, players can no more make Mario a left-handed batter.

Players are given the choice to play as their Miis as well, whose stats are all 6/10. Gamers can not pick to have an entire group of nine Miis, however they can put one captain as well as approximately 8 other Miis.

When personalities become Star Athletes, their capabilities are boosted by one point each. Nevertheless, characters can just become Star Players by defeating Bowser's team in Obstacle Setting.

If one counts the alternating team players, Mario Super Sluggers has the second most usable characters of any kind of Mario video game, behind Mario Kart Tour, with an overall of 71 playable personalities.

Group captains

All group captains listed below in this section are offered to be picked in the game's Event Mode. Luigi, Sissy, Birdo, Waluigi, Diddy Kong, Bowser, and also Bowser Jr. are only selectable as Group Captains outside of Challenge Mode. Relying on progression made in the Challenge Mode gameplay itself, gamers are just able to select Mario, Peach, Yoshi, Wario, and also Donkey Kong while navigating the Baseball Kingdom.

Team players

Several team player are unlockable. The gamer usually needs to go through the Difficulty Setting as well as find the unlockable team players. Upon locating them, the player is given jobs in regard to them consisting of specified Scouting Missions or Battle Missions. Once the tasks are completed effectively the Group Athletes are opened for use in various other modes for the video game such as during the Event Mode.

Particular Group Players can additionally be opened by playing the various other available modes in the game. These Team Players are included in the overall roster for the entire video game, when certain problems are fulfilled.


Like Mario Superstar Baseball, the characters will have excellent as well as negative relations with any other personality. Nevertheless, the characters can make unique capabilities with another character when they reveal great Chemistry. The player can obtain things with chemistry while batting. If the player is a batter as well as the next batter shares chemistry with the gamer, this will cause getting an item that can be used for messing up the outfielder's progression. Players that share great chemistry can likewise do pal jumps and also buddy throws. Buddy dives are used to remove a home run or a deep fly ball. Pal throws are made use of to throw the round faster as well as a lot more exact to its location. Bad chemistry, nonetheless, leads to slower tosses, as well as sometimes shaking off track.

Promo and advertising and marketing

Nintendo of America developed an online Adobe Flash program held at MarioSuperSluggersCards.com in which gamers can gather as well as trade virtual Mario Super Sluggers baseball cards featuring most of the characters, unique steps, groups, and stadiums from the title. Along with the cards, the video game additionally enables gamers to earn downloads. By positioning 2 compatible cards in the dual play decrease area, players can make "dual plays" and unlock unique video clips, wallpapers, as well as screensavers. When a gamer finishes his/her collection, a post including Mario and all of the cards is unlocked. On top of that, his/her username will be added to the leaderboard listed below gamers that formerly completed their collections.

After producing a username as well as picking which Mario Super Sluggers personality to make use of as an avatar, players are advised to click on unique banners discovered on child-friendly internet sites around the internet in order to accumulate cards. Lakitu, who gives instructions and tips to the gamer, tells the gamer that the one banner can be discovered on Nick.com. Clicking one such banner reroutes the player to among eighty-two Attire Resource Locators (URLs), each of which corresponds to one of the eighty-two cards. The system is based on good luck, but gamers are likewise able to trade cards with one another making use of the swap function or discuss where to find banners and also which cards yield double plays.

By checking their history, gamers can adjust the system into providing whichever card they want. By inspecting their history, players can discover which LINK causes which card and after that share the LINK with various other gamers.

The eighty-two cards are divided by rarity into four levels. Forty-one personality cards compose the initial degree, twenty-four special swing/pitch cards make up the second level, twelve group cards comprise the third degree, and also 5 stadium cards made up the 4th degree. Each card has a front as well as a back. For the "Level 1" cards, the front reveals the personality's artwork, name, and also for captains, the team they are captain of. The back shows the character's name, abilities, "rookie year" (the year their first video game appearance was launched), description, data, and also for captains, group logo. An in-game screenshot of the player is also included.