Life Skills

Life Skills

Working with teenagers year on year, we have realized that the turmoil that adolescents experience requires a focussed, concerted effort. As the lines separating childhood and adulthood disappear, our youth faces a myriad of dilemmas not just in their academics but also social interactions and personal management.

Life skills is an initiative born out of this felt need. Life skills sessions are designed around self discovery, self improvement, and peer-to-peer support. The facilitator creates an atmosphere where the young adult may feel free, express, be heard, and seek solutions. Our life skills education happens through workshops, classroom sessions, collaborative activities, and class-wise performance-based Special Assemblies. Grades 1-5 use the exciting School Cinema modules for life skills.

We have seen gawky youngsters struggle with 'information overload', painfully unsure of their future. We have then seen them being transformed into emotionally strong, confident youth, ready to take on the world.

Senior Secondary

Life Skills sessions during COVID times became the balm on fragile nerves. Life Skills sessions saw a quick transformation to remote learning, never straying from the reason for its genesis.

Topics spread across a wide spectrum, from ironing out relationship problems, repairing our relationship with family members to questioning, why should emotions get locked down during a physical lockdown? to The Masks we Wear, unmasking and celebrating the real `You’, To health care tips from Home remedies to Live demos of CPR, bandaging and handling dog bites, combining First Aid medical tips with time-tested. Sensitive topics like Balancing Gender were not brushed under the carpet.

Unforgettable motivational talk by Celebrity role model, Rajeev Khandelwal on "Living Limitlessly!" added the right amount of flavour to this buffet.