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Field trips form an intricate part of R. N. Podar’s academic year. As a part of that the now Grade-12 commerce students visited NISM. Upon arrival students were greeted by Mr. Sandip Ghose (Director of NISM), who delivered the opening address. Students were made cognizant about the goal of financial inclusion and the role of prime minister’s Jan Dhan Yojana in achieving this goal. In addition Mr. Ghose also offered his pearls of wisdom by explaining the importance of personal branding and concluded emphatically by motivating students to set high goals and achieve them.

Mr. Nitin Tike, (VP of NISM) briefed students about NISM, its functions and various post graduate courses offered by NISM in the field of securities market. Mr. K Sukumaran (dean of NISM) delivered an address on financial literacy and personal finance areas such as banking, credit, insurance etc.

Towards the end G P Garg (Registrar of NISM) briefed the students about financial education and importance of money management in day to day life. Students took home wealth of knowledge and learned about the financial literacy and its significance in development of self and our nation.

Along with the food for thought, refreshments were served to the students, before they called it a day.