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Three productive years have passed since the time Ms. Avnita Bir, Director-Principal, R. N. Podar School signed up for the TED-Ed club. TED is a world class platform for showcasing ideas that are worth spreading. TED-Ed is an initiative undertaken by TED to reach out to schools and give students a platform to structure, debate, polish and present their ideas.

R. N. Podar was part of TED-Ed’s pilot club, along with 10 other schools globally and till date continues to be a part of the official TED-Ed clubs. Extremely passionate students were chosen for the school’s TED-Ed club (from both middle & high school) and went through 13 weeks of structured training — guidelines set by TED-Ed.

Selected videos from our schools’ TED-Ed club got featured in TED-ED’s Official YouTube playlist. Last week we received an official invite for our Grade 12 student Aishwarya Chodankar, whose video has also been featured previously, to speak at the TED’s flagship event TED-Ed-Weekends to be held in New York City in December 2016.

As the snippet of the invite reads: “Picture this: New York City, the TED stage, and you, presenting your big idea to fellow Club Members from around the world. The TED-Ed Team saw your TED-Ed Club talk ‘Why we need to go back to our grandmother’s tales’ and we loved it. So…..”

Our heartiest congratulations to Aishwarya on this accomplishment and we wish her the best for TED-Ed Weekend Summit.

Click here to read the Invite: Aishwarya Chodankar Speaker Invite