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Eval Design through Ashoka India, had conducted ‘Changemaker Skills’ assessment in November with a sample size of ~80 students from grades 7-10.

The attachment has results from this assessment which measured our children on skills of Empathy, Teamwork, Leadership and Problem Solving. We have summarized the report in a few points as per below:

  • Our students scored higher than both Change Maker Schools (CMS) and Non-CMS schools for all skills.
  • Children scored highest in empathy, problem solving, leadership and teamwork (in this order). Team work was the lowest scoring skill across grades 7 to 10 across all CMS & non CMS schools where this assessment was conducted.
  • All grades scored highest on Empathy except grade 9 which scored highest on Leadership. A visible trend across these skills shows that as the grades get higher the scores improve with grade 10 demonstrating the highest average scores for every skill.
  • Girls on average scored higher than the boys on all skills except problem solving, which was the lowest scoring skill for girls. Boys scored the highest on problem solving with team work scoring the least. The greatest difference in score between boys and girls was seen in the team work skill.

To read more on the assessment kindly refer to this PDF.