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Last year Mrs. Bir had been invited as a panelist for Google Global Education Symposium. This year, around the same time, they have conferred on her, the responsibility of being a member on Advisory board of Google’s Global.Edu. She has been invited to Google Headquarters, Mountain View, for the inception of the website and for discussing the modus operandi. Other members on the board include dignitaries like Vice President of Google, President of EdX, directors of various boards like UNESCO IBE and professors.

After her return to Mumbai, while acknowledging support of parents and schools, she reflected, “Even as I feel humbled at the great honour, and recognize the great responsibility attached…my message to all our parents and students is that sincere, hard work never goes unrecognized and that learning never stops…In all our many endeavors, parents have been our greatest support.”

It’s been a while since a lot of tech giants like Google, Microsoft etc., started venturing into the field of Education with their constellation of applications and packages. Director-Principal, Mrs. Avnita Bir, is an early adopter of all most all pilots which concern the field of Education. Be it the international platforms like TED or the Google Apps or Khan Academy, she has had organized and participated in numerous conferences and in-house hands-on workshops.

The principal’s ardent vision and school’s adaptability has been acknowledged by media and educational leaders in the past. She has also been a successful member of governing body of CBSE. We take this opportunity to congratulate her and wish her the best in all her future endeavors.