Student Feedback

As much as we teach the students to be independent and self contained, we nevertheless keep our doors, ears and heart wide open for any student to walk in and discuss their personal/academic dilemmas and dissonances. Empathy, as they say is a two way lane. Giving as much as we receive. We hope in this endeavor we have touched the hearts of a few students, wiped their tears, patted their backs and brought smile on their face. As a part of this ongoing cycle, we thought we would share bite sized nuggets of feedback we have received from students to spread the joy around. Please watch this space as we post feedback and don’t forget to collect a hug from us as you pass by.


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Dearest Teachers, It’s finally (almost) over! And it could have never been possible without your help…you’ve constantly supported us, frequently interacted and held our hands till the very end. Not only has this motivated and boosted our self worth but also helped us understand (and achieve) our full potential. Right from the English exam, through the physics and maths and Chemistry today, I’ve seen more love, care and closeness than ever before between teachers and students just hours before the exam. The anxiety, the excitement, the fervor for excellence… We were all in it together! I joined Podar two years ago, and just as it has become such a big part of me, it saddens me to great extents to leave it behind. But I guess the thing about Podar is, no matter how long you’ve been with this school, its impact is always going to be great. A wholehearted thank you to all teachers once more and to everyone who has shaped this experience to be beyond extraordinary! — Class 12 Student
I feel proud every time…
” I feel proud every time I read about the changes that Podar is pioneering.” Smriti Bahety, Class of 2007
Hello mam, my name is…
“Hello mam, my name is Wamika Kapur. I was a student at R. N PODAR batch of 2009. I went on to get a law degree from one of the top five colleges in India, masters in East Asian Studies from Delhi University and am now working at Jawahar Bhavan with a congress affiliated think tank undertaking legal research in public policy. Recently, two of my articles were published. I wanted to share them with you because i truly believe my education at podar was the first step towards my fulfilling career today. I thank you for the guidance and progressive outlook the school imbibed in me. It has served me well. I hope you get this message and i hope you read my articles.” Wamika Kapur, Class of 2009
It’s been a while since I have had the pleasure of…
“Good evening Ma’am, it’s been a while since I have had the pleasure of having a conversation with you. Not a day goes by, that my family and I do not appreciate how much Podar has done for me. We recently received our LSI letters. And I literally shrieked out of excitement upon receiving mine. It was an unforgettable experience. And i couldn’t have done it let alone have the opportunity of doing something so out-of-the-box, if you didn’t believe I could. Thank you for making me believe a little more in myself. I really do miss you. Hope you are doing well. A million thank you’s will not be enough.” Ankita Misra, Class of 2016

I know this comes a little late in the day…..
“Dear Bir Ma’am, I know this comes a little late in the day, but wanted to take a bit of time to pause and reflect in order that I may thank you enough for the influence you have had in my life. When I joined Podar in 2004, little did I know that it would be amongst the best decisions which I would go on to take. I am extremely grateful to you for a lot of things. I am grateful for the confidence and self belief you instilled in me, the tons and tons of encouragement from you during 11th and 12th. On the lighter side, my family still fondly recollects how I got invited to NDTV We the People and I came on TV because of you! Of utmost importance, is the fact that I fervently wish I could be a one hundredth as remarkable as you are. Even today, thanks to FB, I keep getting updates about all your activities, school’s events and all the new initiatives which you are brainstorming about. Wishing you a very Happy teacher’s day and I hope that you continue to inspire many more students like me for a long time to come. Warm Regards, “Avni Ahuja, Class of 2006