R.N. Podar’s TED-Ed Club

TED-Ed Clubs piloted in 2013 with an intention to help students worldwide ideate and express, the TED way. The club’s members and facilitators are a part of a global community of TED-Ed clubs, working in tandem. Members attend meetings (designed by TED-Ed) where they look for answers to questions like ’What makes an idea worth spreading?’ and ‘What’s YOUR idea?’ Over the course of the club meetings, each member records her own ‘TED Talk’. TED-Ed hosts the best videos on their channel.
R.N. Podar was one amongst select schools worldwide to conduct a pilot club, and provide TED-Ed with feedback for subsequent clubs. R.N. Podar’s TED-Ed club comprises two groups, one each for the Secondary and Senior Secondary Sections. Visit TED-Ed for more.

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