R. N. Podar Heuristic Learning Curriculum

The Why?

The most oft question any educator is asked is “which education board is the best?”
With the advent of the international boards in the country, the question regarding choice of
boards/schools/ curricula etc. has confounded most parents. And quite rightly so. Hence
instead of making an informed decision, parents often end up making the wrong choice.
The HLC being offered by R N Podar School
aims at transcending all boundaries of boards, curricula, school systems,classrooms and
textbooks. The eternal dilemma of “which board to choose” is hence avoided.

The What?

Through our enhanced curriculum, we wish to approach learning from a different
perspective; one that prioritizes the emotional, mental and physical wellbeing of the child.
With emphasis on fundamentals and through interaction, appropriate use of technology,
experiential learning, collaborative projects, art, music, sports, outdoor activities and more;
children will learn to empathize, adapt and thrive. As we encourage them to develop well
balanced personalities, through an interplay of academics, sports and extra-curricular, they
will be better equipped to identify their strengths and work on their weaknesses. Without
compromising on content we aim to create a happy environment for our children.