Events & Clubs


With flagship school programs that serve to develop balanced, mature and global 'Drishtikon' (perspective) among students, to the most popular inter-school and intra-school events organized by the students themselves, unique annual events and summits, national level policy debates and conclaves on education, our school has been at the forefront of path-breaking initiatives. Creativity, innovation, and uniqueness have been the hallmark of all our school events. Additionally, every grade goes through annual days that bring the whole batch together to put up a show. At R.N. Podar, every child takes to the stage in some role or the other. Students not only participate but also create and co-organize their own events as rightful stakeholders.

Podar Summit

Podar Summit is an annual, student-run Model UN Conference with an objective to bring to the students a glimpse of the realities of International Peace and Security and other issues that go beyond single nations to threaten global stability, allowing them the experience of creating their solutions and experiencing the consequent effects. With its inception two years back, Podar Summit grew from classrooms to the grand halls of the World Trade Center in Mumbai, throwing its arms open to all schools across the state who participated in the various committees simulated on the lines of the Security Council, United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime, or even the World Trade Organization. At the Summit, students debate and deliberate their way to a common resolution panning different agendas including nuclear weapons proliferation, international terrorism, the oil crisis and the likes.

Eminent personalities such as Mr. Arnab Goswami attended the Podar Summit 2013, offering much encouragement and exposure to the students.

Creativity Fest

The school pioneered a unique experiment to see how students responded to a change in their learning environment. It was an event designed to unleash the students’ creativity by allowing them to lower their inhibitions. The students were exposed to different camps - music, art, drama, and dance. The students had to let loose and imagine, imagine and create, create and present. Their energy was channelized by mentors, practitioners from these fields, but there was very little structure and agenda. It was a festival inspired by the desire to inculcate within our students the ability to think differently, develop an appreciation for the finer arts, and to engage them through the medium of dance, music, theatre, and art. We took learning out of the four walls of the classroom to an open playground. The ownership was transferred to the learner, and the outcomes were heartening.

Get a glimpse into this festival here.


The school encourages students to initiate and sustain interest groups and clubs and supports them through teacher involvement. The varied clubs and initiatives are as follows -

  • Heritage Club

    The Heritage Club has been initiated under the aegis of CBSE and INTACH (Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage). The Heritage Club programmes are designed to involve students in various activities geared towards heritage awareness and education for learning a craft, museum visits, and conservation at home and at school.
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  • Book Club

    The Book Club is to encourage our young readers through a host of activities round the year.  One of the first aims of the Book Club was to share the resources the school and students had with those who didn’t. This was done through a book donation drive in partnership with Hindustan Times’ ‘You Read, They Learn’ initiative.
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  • R.N. Podar’s TED-Ed Club

    TED-Ed Clubs piloted in 2013 with an intention to help students worldwide ideate and express, the TED way. The club’s members and facilitators are a part of a global community of TED-Ed clubs, working in tandem. Members attend meetings (designed by TED-Ed) where they look for answers to questions like ’What makes an idea worth spreading?’ and ‘What’s YOUR idea?’ Over the course of the club meetings, each member records her own ‘TED Talk’.
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  • Interact Club

    Interact Club is a platform for students to do community work and hands on service projects under the guidance of Rotary Club. The Interact Club has a strong membership of over 150 students from the Senior Secondary actively involved in social and community-based projects.
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  • Theatre Club

    The Theatre Club was started by students wanting to engage in understanding and practicing theatre within the school. The club organizes play readings and discussions, and has taken up a few classics to practice and perform for the school community.
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  • Literati Club

    Interested students from grade 4-5 enrol into this club which encourages reading accompanied by games for children.
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