Entrepreneurships / Internships


R N Podar School students have completed the following internships:


#ChildrenforChildren :

In April 2020, Eleven of our students volunteered with a NGO CRY (Child Rights and You) in #ChildrenforChildren a crowdfunding campaign. Team Podar raised 3.18 lakhs Rupees in three weeks to help children of daily wage earners who were adversely affected due to COVID19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown. The funds raised by Team Podar volunteers- Parakram Garg, Krisha Batheja, Advait Hasurkar, Piya Kumar, Anuraag Kumar Nair, Catherine Thomas, Sruthi Venkatesh, Jhanvi Srivastava, Rumit Amonkar, Srishti Jain and Larina Mahajan were used to distribute dry ration kits and sanitary napkins to children of daily wage earners who lost their jobs during the pandemic.


Our Alum Ms Shineel Tilwani (Class of 2007), Founder “The House of Artisans” selected six students for an internship in June 2020. The House of Artisans helps rural artisans showcase their handmade products. During the COVID 19 pandemic many of the artisans in rural areas across India lost their only source of livelihood. Shineel started a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds to help rural artisans. Our students Frania F Chettiar, Malvika Nambiar, Anuraag Kumar Nair, Saniya Sharma and Swathi Sosale raised 3.33 lakhs in four weeks which supported 79 families.


While some of our senior students opt for Entrepreneurship as an elective subject, we believe in building the spirit of enterprise in every child. As they enter adolescence, we create opportunities to bring out the creative problem-solver in each of them. This comes from the realization that increasingly, this world will belong to job-creators, not job-seekers. Many of our alumni have gone the entrepreneurship way; our students are already demonstrating strong business acumen, as reflected by the competitions they win nationally. We actively hone this through rigorous workshops, speaker sessions, and intra-school competitions.

i2I (Ideas to Implementation)

i2I is a unique, first-of-its-kind competition for students of class 11-12 organized by the school in association with Phyzok. This competition engages students in creating business plans around ideas they have developed to solve problems using the knowledge they have gained in the school.

i2I encourages students to find constructive application of the knowledge they gain at school. A 4-day workshop is conducted for the students to acquaint them with certain terms and case-studies related to business planning, at the end of which students prepare their own plans to compete for the trophy. Shortlisted teams present to a panel of judges which grills them on feasibility and awards the prize based on creativity of idea and approach, and soundness of the business plan.



Social Innovation Relay

Every year, students from grades 11-12 participate in this Junior Achievement and HP-organized international competition, Social Innovation Relay, developed ‘to encourage students to develop business concepts that are socially innovative and could have a significant social impact’. Our student teams won the 1st and 3rd positions among 580 teams from across India in 2012-13. Their business ideas were about ‘Education through Theatre’ and ‘Mindsetting the youth for HIV’ respectively. In 2013-14, the school team made it to the national top 10. For 2014-15, our students will compete with those not only from India but from 16 other countries for the top spot.

NSE Young Pioneers

The National Stock Exchange of India, in association with History TV18, organized a nationwide inter-school entrepreneurship challenge, NSE Young Pioneers, to promote entrepreneurial spirit among youth. 500 schools participated in this prestigious competition in which the team from R.N. Podar School won the second runners-up position. The team was awarded a cash prize and featured on History TV18 channel. The competition is supported by CBSE which recognizes entrepreneurship as one of the key areas of focus for a country like India.