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Basic Information

R.N. Podar School is a private, co-educational school in Santacruz, Mumbai, affiliated to the CBSE (Grades 1-12). The school is owned and managed by the Anandilal & Ganesh Podar Society.

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Our Philosophy

At RN Podar School we take great pride in our endeavour to arm students with essential knowledge and skills; in particular the ability and confidence to study, understand, and apply – so that they can successfully follow whatever path they choose in life. There is something special about RN Podar - the bond which exists between teachers and students. The school has a particular ethos, a rare quality of its own, which has been kept alive over the years. It offers a friendly, caring, and safe environment with zero tolerance for bullying and a method of study which ensures that children really understand and can therefore use the information that they learn. At RN Podar, students are given the tools that allow them to feel really passionate about learning – whether it’s History, Art, Mathematics, Physics or any other field of study. Applying these tools, they can become more than students; they have the potential to become practitioners and leaders in their chosen field.

Our Mission

At RN Podar School we are committed to ensuring that students are happy throughout their time at school. The customised academic and pastoral programs help students gain a sense of achievement in a highly productive and motivating environment. It is our mission to provide students with the kind of school experience that they would treasure all their lives.

Our Vision

It is our fervent desire to give each and every student a well-rounded education and to open their eyes to the possibilities that lie ahead of them in the world at large.

Our Values

We believe that sound values play a crucial role in education. They encourage students to develop emotional intelligence and be articulate learners. Values support quality teaching and learning, whilst making a positive contribution to the development of a fair and civil society.

Technology and Innovation

R.N. Podar School has been recognized as a leading school among technology-driven schools of the country and has been pioneering many innovative ways of integrating technology into the classroom.

Our team is passionate about children and education. The school has been on a mission to learn, advocate, and train school teachers through a cross silo network of educators, entrepreneurs, technology experts, and policy-makers who believe in the power of technology and learner-centric innovation in achieving our goals in education. The school’s vision is to share its best practices in teaching 21st century skills and be a voice of encouragement to other practitioners. Our vision is to reach a larger audience of students, teachers, school leaders and parents and bridge the education divide using the power of technology.

In the next 3 to 5 years we want to see the school as an innovation hub where new ways of integrating edutech are incubated and shared.

CBSE Affiliation

The school meets all mandatory requirements as per the CBSE bye-laws. Below are the details published under the same.

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Chairman's Message


“Our mission is to build independent, responsible, global citizens through a widely accepted curriculum and practices that are founded on learner-centric education.” - Dr. Pavan Podar
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Principal's Message

Welcome to R N Podar School (CBSE), Mumbai, a core member of the Podar group of schools, which has grown from a single institution established in 1927 into a multi-school, multi-city entity. Situated in the heart of the city, the school reflects the spirit of the city of Mumbai. Undaunted by any kind of constraints, the school has been steadily pursuing excellence in all its endeavours, armed with the attitude that there is NO BOX that limits it.

RNPS is truly the labor of love and passion layered with trust between all stakeholders. Establishing and strengthening its place among the progressive and forward-looking schools, it has grown in scale as well in building brand equity. The school is housed in four campuses to accommodate its ever increasing strength. However the expansion has not diluted the philosophy of the school. As you step into every campus, you can feel the energy and excitement that can only exist where there is a high degree of motivation and commitment. The school boasts of a non-threatening environment that makes it seem almost an extension of the home.

With students hailing from across the country, the school is like a melting pot of different cultures. Needless to say, the school spells flexibility and new ideas and thoughts are encouraged. What stands out in every student of R N Podar School is the confidence to think independently and communicate effectively. We believe that the best of human potential can be tapped when people feel safe and are nurtured with care. We imbibe good values in our students by walking the talk and providing immense opportunities for them to grow and evolve. In our school, everyone values and respects the work they are doing. Work ambience is congenial and there is immense creative freedom for both faculty and students. Even as we keep pace with the changing environment, we keep our benchmarks high and are conscious of our responsibility to all our stakeholders.

The litmus test that we all do is to ask ourselves every morning if we are dragging ourselves to school or are we excited for yet another day of learning, growing and evolving. And we all stand validated on that count!

Welcome once again to the portals of this blessed institution we all call our second homes. Welcome aboard to a joyous journey together.

Avnita Bir
R N Podar School