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Basic Information

R.N. Podar School is a private, co-educational school in Santacruz, Mumbai, affiliated to the CBSE (Grades 1-12). The school is owned and managed by the Anandilal & Ganesh Podar Society.

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Ours is a school with a head, a heart, and a soul; we are proud of our connect with student needs and aspirations. The school aspires not simply to adapt to the constant changes in the needs of its learners and the society they will create, but to harness and accelerate that change in all ways it can. This ambitious goal has all its members constantly reinventing themselves, and creating personalized, differentiated solutions for every learner. Whether it has been in embracing technology, cutting edge learning techniques, ever evolving pedagogy or our focused efforts on site learner-driven study, the student is always at the nucleus of all our endeavours.

Our Mission

To develop and equip the children of India for the challenges of the 21st century.

Our Vision

To be the best and be recognised as raising the traditional standards of educational possibilities and outcomes for students, parents and society.

Our Values

Innovative        Commmitted
Open                  Long-term

Technology and Innovation

R.N. Podar School has been recognized as a leading school among technology-driven schools of the country and has been pioneering many innovative ways of integrating technology into the classroom.

Our team is passionate about children and education. The school has been on a mission to learn, advocate, and train school teachers through a cross silo network of educators, entrepreneurs, technology experts, and policy-makers who believe in the power of technology and learner-centric innovation in achieving our goals in education. The school’s vision is to share its best practices in teaching 21st century skills and be a voice of encouragement to other practitioners. Our vision is to reach a larger audience of students, teachers, school leaders and parents and bridge the education divide using the power of technology.

In the next 3 to 5 years we want to see the school as an innovation hub where new ways of integrating edutech are incubated and shared.

CBSE Affiliation

The school meets all mandatory requirements as per the CBSE bye-laws. Below are the details published under the same.

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Chairman's Message


“Our mission is to build independent, responsible, global citizens through a widely accepted curriculum and practices that are founded on learner-centric education.” - Dr. Pavan Podar
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Principal's Message

R.N. Podar School is the labour of love and passion. As you step into the rather small premises, you can feel the energy and the excitement that can only exist where there is a high degree of motivation and commitment. The school boasts of a non-threatening environment that makes it seem almost an extension of the home. The atmosphere encourages every student to shed any inhibitions and take on small leadership roles. Every student is considered to be unique and children are not labelled. Professional development sessions and capacity building workshops are also organized for faculty so that they are better equipped to coach their students. Students are encouraged to make use of all the opportunities.

In our school, everyone values and respects the work they are doing. Work ambience is congenial and there is immense creative freedom for both faculty as well as students. Students’ needs are at the core of whatever we do and the school spells innovation and creativity. Even as we keep pace with the changing environment, we are conscious of our responsibility to all our stakeholders. Our vision ‘Peak to Peak' brings a greater sense of responsibility as we set higher goals for ourselves in the future.

Mrs. Avnita Bir, Principal, R.N. Podar